Concept of 66%

66 has many meanings for yoyo.


This is Taka from Spingear. To start new brand,there is long history and story.Normally,we just care about performance and quality for products.It should be first priority for yoyo brand.But 66% is not normal yoyo brand , I want to tell you something about 66%.

First of all when I started yoyo brand,as you know Spingear is yoyo store,not brand,so I do not want to start “brand” by myself.It means Spingear will be competitor of yoyo brand and join that competition. But all of yoyo brand is my best friends and I want to be customer , not want to became competitor in yoyo market.

So I want to start yoyo brand as “collaboration” brand.Our priority is not make original yoyo,but working with other yoyo brand and make master piece collection of yoyos.

Spingear suggest new category and create new market besides competitive high performance yoyo.

The concept is similar to miniature model car.If you have real car,sometimes,wants to have same model in miniature car.If you love the yoyo,you want to have tiny version,too.


1)Why 66%?

To be scale model,we need to find good number or rule,formula of tiny yoyo.

In 1998,I found a formula for minimum diameter with performance.I worked with Tomy(Toy company in Japan),I designed Screwball mini(black mamba in Japanese name.)

I tested 34mm,36mm,38mm,40mm,42mm diameter.


 Prototypes  / left 36mm / center  38mm  / right 40mm

38mm+-1mm is Minimum diameter with performance

Even full sized yoyo , 1 mm difference is big,but especially for small diameter yoyo, 1 mm diffrence is critical.34mm was too small,36mm is ok,but not best performance,over 40mm,performance is ok,but just like “mini” yoyo,so no new feelings.

I felt 38mm diameter was best for performance and still have unique feeling as “tiny” yoyo.I want to make as small as possible,but don’t want to give up performance.

Screwball mini can do all basic 30 tricks include reach for the moon,dog bite,2 handed loop,barrel roll,etc…That was my first experiment for yoyo design. Looikng back now,it was destiny for my yoyo designer carrier starting with small yoyo design.

I found this formula and someday I wish I can make best tiny yoyo in my life.

Tarasqus was one of the my project with Kentaro Kimura(Turning Point).I asked to him make 38mm diameter yoyo.

I also proud Ben (YoYoFactory) gave me a chance to help tiny yoyo projects.

Small yoyo has important and one of the theme for my collection.


I decided to start new yoyo brand with small diameter,I want to make some new standard,gauge for tiny yoyo.

For gauge,number of rule is very important.

I believe 38mm is best size for tiny yoyo,compare with full size(56mm),it’s about 2/3.First idea was project 2/3.

But I found 2/3 is about 66%,and 66 is more suitable yoyo.And can make good theme for the brand.see bellow reasons!

66% is not undersize or mini,but new gauge for tiny yoyo.

please do not call 66% yoyos as “mini yoyo” or “small yoyo”.It’s small and mini but has philosophy for gauge.

In the yoyo market,there is many mini yoyos,but Spingear wants to create new category for tiny yoyo and establish 66% as new gauge.

2)As collection items

So many yoyo produced so far from past.If you are 20 years yoyo player ,you should have few hundreds yoyo and have yoyo box which non-organized well.Even you said you don’t have so many yoyo,but you should have 100 pcs more and it is not normal.

If you are yoyo collector you should have thousands of yoyo and yoyo show case in your room.

Recently,yoyo market focus on competitive,high performance yoyo such as bi-metal craze.The shape of yoyo looks similar because of everybody wants to have same performance.The design has been refined and intensive.

It is great because yoyo is tool and improve more “performance” is important for yoyo histry.
But for me,same time,yoyoing is the way having fun in my life.Competition is not only way to having fun.

66% wants to present you collection of yoyo is fun.

Collecting yoyo is one of the yoyo culture.

Like the car driver collect model car,if you have your favorite yoyo,same time please collect 66% scale model.That is the one of concept why I started new brand.

In Japan,as you know house is small but even I collect 66% 100 pcs more,just need few space.This is the solution for yoyo collector like me!

3)Brig spin anywhere.It is SPIN GADGET.


One of the good point for yoyoing is easy to carry,you can put it into your pocket,and play everywhere.

66% is more easy to carry,and can play very well.Not like key chain yoyo which does not have performance. 38mm is best size with performance.

Small size with heviness is also imporant as gadget.

Spin Gadget is made for spin addict.

We will translate step by step.Please wait a moment.


4)Desgin ultimate yoyo?

I met yoyo in 1997,then became yoyo pro in 1998 because met Dale Oliver,promote  yoyoing about 20 years.

Many people asked to me ” Why you did not start your own yoyo brand.You can design many yoyo and you have experiment.”