We will introduce our factory team for 66% project.All are in Tokyo.

■Mitsumi factory Limited company

All metal parts,basic drawing for 66% project.

Use CNC machine, cut various metal and nonmetal parts such as medical, weak electric, communication equipment manufacturers.




■Taiyo rubber industry Co., Ltd

Made silicone sheet for 66% yoyo.

Medical · Food · Industry · Construction Material · Various Rubber · Sponge rubber company for rubber molding.




■Nishikawa Mfg. Co., LTD


made cut mold for silicone pad.This sharp blade made special feeling for pad.Pad has precision feeling when you remove from sheet and put it on yoyo.

Victoria printing blade type. Manufacturer of punching die, packing, cardboard, seal, plastic etc .




■Seiko Packing

Put reversible tape on silicone sheet and cut silicon pad for 66% pad.use sharp blade with precision skill,66% pad performance is great and made in Tokyo pad.

Rubber plate /flat plate punch product. Resin product with dual edge without drilling. Manufacturer of double-sided tape of continuous half-cut processing